[Benefits of a woman eating passion fruit]

[Benefits of a woman eating passion fruit]

Passion fruit with strong aroma, shaped like an egg, is also called “egg fruit”. It contains nutritional elements that are beneficial to human health. Women who eat passion fruit can detoxify and improve their beauty. If they still have constipation, they can also spin through after eating passion fruit.It ‘s easy to eat. It can be eaten directly. It can also be squeezed into fruit juice and placed in fruit salad. Because passion fruit has a feeling of fullness, it is also suitable for women who want to lose weight.High content stuff.

Passion fruit, scientific name Passion fruit, also known as egg fruit, passion fruit, passion fruit, because of its nutrient-rich juice, fragrant scent, with the aroma of guava, mango, banana and other fruits, is known as passion fruit.

Passion fruit originates from the tropical rain forests around the Amazon River in South America. Because the shape of the flower is very similar to the torture of the cross of Christ, it has been considered by the Spanish explorers and missionaries to be eaten by the human ancestors Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible.”Mysterious Fruit”, so its English name is “passionfruit”, which means “fruit of passion, passion and love”.

Passionfruit is native to Brazil and is now widely planted in tropical and subtropical regions. It is grown in South America, South Africa, Southeast Asian countries, Australia and the South Pacific.

Newly introduced domestically such as passion fruit are listed as famous and rare fruit varieties in Guangdong.

Baiguoxiang is rich in vitamins, super fibers and proteins, which are very beneficial to the human body. It also has the best taste and fragrance, which can strengthen the body’s resistance and improve immunity, especially for children and pregnant women.Is very superior for physical development and growth.


The superfibers contained in Baiguoxiang can enter the very smiling part of the human stomach and intestines for deep removal and detoxification, but it will not cause any damage to the intestinal wall, improve the absorption function of the human body, and improve the intestines and stomach.

Because Baixiangxiang body can enhance digestion and absorption, because the human body has normal bowel movements and will not be connected in series, it is also very good for alleviating the symptoms of constipation.


Beauty and beauty is a must. It not only contains rich nutrients, but also gives people a feeling of fullness, which reduces the absorption of other highly metabolized foods and improves the structure of human nutrition absorption, especially the Vc contained in it.Beauty, anti-aging effect.

How to eat: ⑴ Fresh food directly: Cut apart passion fruit, dig out the bag with spoon and eat directly (seeds are edible, so high protein, senior aunt).

Making fruit juice: Take a passion fruit, cut it open, scoop the pulp into a cup with a spoon, add 200ml of water, add some sugar to adjust the sweetness, and stir to get a cup of color, fragrant and delicious nutritious fruit juice.

If you use a juicer to stir for a few seconds, the effect is better.

Use ice water in summer, warm water in winter, and a few drops of honey for better flavor.

(3) In addition to extracting pectin, medicinal ingredients and processed feed, nutshells can also be used for making wine or tea, and cooking methods.

Passion fruit is very rich in natural vitamin C. Vitamin C is 34 per 100 grams of fruit juice.

6 mg, may also be vitamin A, B1, B2, etc. In addition, it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and various amino acids and other substances.

Practical value: This fruit has a variety of fruit aromas and unique fruit flavors. Passion fruit is often eaten, which can promote appetite and appetite. It is a good health care product that has the effect of eliminating fatigue, beauty, and preventing aging, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.