[Can pregnant women eat shark fin?

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[Can pregnant women eat shark fin?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

There must be many people who have not eaten shark fins. This is a very expensive food. The fishbone that people often say is actually very small scales in shark fins. This is a very precious seafood with very high nutritional value.It tastes very good, and the price is very expensive, but here is a reminder that it is best not to have the habit of eating shark fin, so can women during pregnancy eat shark fin?

Can pregnant women eat shark fin?
Many expectant mothers also eat shark fins during pregnancy, but can pregnant women eat shark fins?

It is still possible to eat shark fins during pregnancy. If the amount is moderate, it will have little effect. However, marine fish contain a large amount of methylmercury, so you should eat this kind of marine fish and its products with caution to prevent mercury poisoning and affect genetic and intellectual aspects.development.

Shark fin, a delicious and high-grade nutrient, has been polluted by mercury up to 70%, and the proportion of mercury that can be absorbed by the human body has exceeded the normal allowable content by 42 times.

So postpartum mothers try not to eat shark fin.

Because the excessive supply of mercury prevents maternal and women’s children from causing very great harm, especially the child’s brain and nerve cells.

Shark fins are edible because the shark’s fins contain a fan-shaped fin, which contains about 80% protein, and also contains trace amounts of sugars and other minerals.

Shark fin is a relatively precious raw material of pork, but its nutritional value is not very high. Because the protein contained in shark fin is an essential amino acid (tryptophan), it is an incomplete protein.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a joint notice that according to years of monitoring and research by US scientists, the ocean is rich in methylmercury.

The notice specifically mentions that some marine fish are like sharks, and growing fish are not edible (and shark fins are aligned with sharks) because their mercury content is higher than other marine fish.

Researchers from Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark also conducted detailed investigations and analysis of some shark fins, and found that the shark fins contain a large amount of mercury, which is very harmful to human food.

Therefore, if pregnant women consume too much mercury-containing shark fin, it can cause abortion and stillbirth, and it will affect the growth of brain and nerve cells.

The younger ones delay the development of children’s attention, memory, language ability, and other brain functions; the other can cause young children’s poor development, mental retardation, deformity, and even cerebral palsy.

Scientists also cautioned that unless mothers implanted little mercury, the development of oxides could also be delayed.